To make sure you get the right size and correct amount for your event, please review the below information:
How many acrylic diamonds come in each package and what is the volume of the package?

All diamond confetti sizes comparison chart
Here we've listed the size and how many pieces of diamond confetti per package.  To further help you understand how big the diamond confetti is and what the volume size of the package is, we've listed a comparison picture of the "diamond" to a US penny and also listed how full a U.S. measuring cup would be with each amount.
4.5mm (1/3 carat)  2000 pcs- approx 1/3 cup-TINY
5.5mm (2/3 carat)  2000 pcs-approx 2/3 cup-about the size of a clicker on a pen.
7mm (1 carat) 2500 pcs-approx 1.75 cups-approximately the size of a piece of unpopped popcorn.
10mm (4 carat ) 1000 pcs-approx 1.5 cups-about the size of a Cheerio.
12mm-(6 carat)  500 pcs-approx 1& 1/3 cups-between a Cheerio and a dime.
14mm (10 Carat) 500 pcs.approx. 2 cups-This size is about the size of a dime.
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