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Diamond Confetti as Vase Filler

Diamond confetti as a vase filler looks stunning on your wedding tables but can be a stun to your budget if you need several cups for each centerpiece.  We've often told customers you can get the same elegant look for 1/2 the cost if you "dummy" up the middle of each vase with something much less expensive or better yet, free.  Why not wrap foil around rocks or floral foam if you are using flowers with stems. Simply put your "dummy" in the vase first and then pour the diamond confetti around the dummy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Party planners get ready!  You are about to enter the busiest time of the year. Valentine's day is just around the corner and people will be getting engaged by the thousands.  Brides and grooms are going to be calling you to help plan their wedding any day now.  If you are looking for some new ideas on how to decorate the wedding tables, you've come to the right place. You'll want to scroll through our many pictures of centerpieces to see what brides and grooms have done with diamond confetti to make their wedding tables stand out.

Best prices in the US

I love when I get a call from an event planner who tells me our diamond confetti prices are the best in the US.  They might even be the best on the web.  We have 22 different colors of these gems that can be used as table scatter to add elegance and bling to your centerpieces.  Diamond confetti also makes for beautiful vase filler.  Here's our deal-find a better price on diamond confetti shipped within the US (shipping charges included) and we will meet or beat that price.

Table Cloths

As a wedding décor planner, I used to worry about every little detail of decorating for wedding receptions. I bought several colors of quality table cloths and would try to match the bride’s colors perfectly. Then one day I realized that what I really needed were just two colors of tablecloths-white and cream. The color could be added by using an overlay or a runner. This not only cut down on the money I was spending on cloths but also on the storage space I needed. The rule that usually worked was if the bride wore a white dress we used white tablecloths and if she wore a cream colored dress, most of the time her color scheme worked best with our cream colored cloths.

You too can be a photographer

I want to let brides and event planners in on a little secret. You can take awesome pictures with a phone!  I recently bought an i-phone 6s specifically because I heard the camera was amazing.  I am finding that taking pictures with my phone turn out better than with my expensive Canon. I've never been that great at running the Canon but I believe the the picture-taking process on the i-phone has been "dumbed down" for users like me.  Check out this recent picture of sapphire blue diamond confetti and I think you will agree it's a great picture.  So dig out your phones and start shooting your friend's wedding and you might just be able frame a nice little present for the bride and groom. 

Makeup Brushes in Diamond Confetti

brush holderI love when customers send me pictures of their beautiful creations.  Jessica used the 2/3 carat pink and clear diamond confetti to fill her make-up brush holder and WOW! look how feminine and neat and classy it looks.  I just have to say-I am SO jealous of your brush collection!  I think this just looks so nice and neat and fun-not to mention organized.  So see, use your imagination and diamond confetti can make your world a better place too!  Thank you Jessica~

Fall Wedding

The autumns in Idaho are beautiful and this past weekend we had the pleasure of helping a friend decorate for her daughter's wedding. I want to share with you some of the pictures.  The brides colors were peach and cranberry and so she used cranberries in her vases with beautiful peach and white roses as centerpieces-and of course a light sprinkling of diamond confetti. We also used the 3/4 inch diamond garland between her stanchions and then used the diamond wrap (held together with uglue) to spruce up her chair bows.

Party Planners

Party Planners listen up!  October is a big month for weddings and if you want to be the party planner that gets rave reviews, you have to make your event stand out.  Of course, we all know that a beautiful venue is just the beginning.  You need nice chairs, a focal point like a backdrop and most of all beautiful tables and centerpieces. Fresh flowers never go out of style and a light sprinkling of diamond confetti is the final touch that will make your guests say "Wow".

Size Matters!

When ordering diamond confetti, please take a minute to pull out your ruler and see how big the gems actually are. We don't want anyone disappointed with the size of the diamonds and even though 4 carats (or 10mm) might look mighty fine on your finger, the diamond actually looks smaller when it is not in a setting. We also list a pretty good description under "SIZE INFORMATION" where we compare the different sizes to a familiar item. Diamond confetti by nature is small with some of the largest pieces being just about the size of a dime. After that, you really should be calling it "large diamonds". So save yourself money, time and disappointment by either ordering a sample of the diamond confetti or dare, I say,  checking it out in a hobby store so you know what you are buying. Happy decorating!

Don't throw away the diamond confetti!!

Diamond Confetti can be used for several things besides being an elegant addition to centerpieces. After you are done using it as table décor you might consider some other uses such as wedding cake décor (it would have to be on a fake cake that won't be eaten of course), or as an additional to a piñata when it is full of surprises that don't include candy at a Quinceañera. You can also fill a Ball quart or pint jar to hold makeup brushes, pens (it would look really cool at a jewelry store), or in a vase full of flowers on your dining room table. One of our customers imbedded the diamonds into acrylic and made a really cool floor for the bottom of a champagne glass-shaped hot tub at a themed hotel. Another customer used diamond confetti to put in a tray that held seating assignments for the guests. Another customer put our small 4.5mm diamonds in with her wedding invitations. Diamond Confetti is heavy enough that you could fill a nice jar and use it as a paperweight.  It would also work great in homemade maracas or bean bags!  Think outside the box for what you might be able to do with diamond confetti.  We would love to see and hear about your ideas!

How much diamond confetti do I need per table?

With regard to how much diamond confetti you might want to put on each wedding reception table, we tell our customers that 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup is about the right amount-BUT it depends on how big your tables are.  If you are using bistro tables and just want a little bling around your small centerpiece, maybe a couple of teaspoons is enough.  If you have bigger centerpieces on bigger tables-say 60" rounds, then you would want about 1/3 of a cup of diamond confetti.  You could play with some unpopped popcorn or dried beans and see what you think prior to buying the diamond confetti.

Using diamond confetti as a vase filler hack

Diamond Confetti makes a great vase filler.  It makes for a beautiful base to your centerpieces.  However, it can be a bit expensive if you want to fill 25 vases or even 10 vases for that matter.  So how do you achieve the look without breaking the bank?  We've long been suggesting to our customers that they "dummy" up the middle of their vases with such things as rocks wrapped in foil, floral foam wrapped in foil or if the vase has a really big base you could even use cans of beans or whatever, with the labels removed.

We sell from the United States

If you are looking to buy diamond confetti from someone in the United States, you've come to the right place.  Our business  model is to have a LARGE inventory of diamond confetti so we can send you your order super fast.  No waiting for a month to get your diamond confetti from overseas. We have it right here in Idaho. Funny thing though, Idaho hasn't caught on to the bling trend.  Maybe someday.  We sell most of our product to people looking for diamond confetti in Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York.

The Princess Bride

When you are planning your wedding and reception, you want it to be memorable. It’s the day that every bride gets to be a princess and every groom a charming prince. You want for everything to be perfect, including the ways that the tables look at your reception. One thing you can use on your tables to give them the look that you want is diamond confetti.
Diamonds can be very symbolic for several occasions. One has been with weddings. They have traditionally been used as engagement rings. Diamonds have also been thought to represent purity and loyalty, things that fit very well with weddings.

Add sparkle to your wedding decorations

Planning a celebration, party, wedding, or other large event can be a very fun experience. But with all the details involved, it is easy to see why so many people become overwhelmed during the process. Fortunately, the decorating process does not have to be a challenge. There are many unique elements which can be used to add glitz, glitter, and glam to any type of event and diamond confetti or gem confetti is being used more and more.

Many people are choosing diamond confetti for the wedding reception party.

Purple and Gold Diamond Confetti Inspiration

Recently I received a note from one of our customers regarding how diamond confetti made a difference for her sisters' wedding.  Here is what she said:

Seeing that my sister was completely overwhelmed with the wedding planning process, I decided to take some stresses off her shoulders. I took it upon myself to make sure that the reception hall was decorated to her standards. I knew exactly what she had in mind and quickly got to work. Her vision was to use purpleand goldfor the colors, with lots of sparkle.

Wedding Centerpiece Bling

 Wedding planners, event planners, and brides we are here to help you make the most of your occasion.  Diamond Confetti has lots of uses, but turning a regular centerpieces into an elegant centerpiece is it's main use. Order a sample today and see what we mean. Your tables will look amazing with just a couple of tablespoons sprinkled around the bottom of the centerpiece. Happy event planning everyone!

Chic Occasions Bridal Show in Atlanta

Bridal Shows are in full swing right now.  If you are in the Atlanta area, don't miss the show put on by Chic Occasions. There is something there for every bride.  The next show is March 15, 2015.  For more information check out the Chic Occasions website at http://www.chicoccasions.com.

Happy planning!

What do I do with Diamond Wrap?

Val Wedding 021 (2)Diamond wrap, also called rhinestone wrap has lots of uses. We know of many but I was thrilled when one of our customers, JoAnn, responded to our picture request showing us how she used diamond wrap.  As you can see in this lovely photograph JoAnn sent, she used diamond wrap to bling up the chairs of a beautiful outdoor wedding in Texas.  The diamond wrap has 24 rows and is about 4.25 inches wide.  JoAnn cut the diamond wrap in half so she only used 12 rows per chair and then cut about a  5 inch length and glued it into a tube and pulled tulle through it.

Straws from Mindy Weiss

I have fallen in love with the darling striped straws that are popping up at even the most chic weddings.  I found a great little site that sells eight or nine colors of paper straws. (And most of the colors match our diamond confetti-How cute would that look??) Hop on over to http://shopmindyweiss.com/collections/party-goods and check them out for yourselves.  Think of the possibilities!

Share your ideas!

Our customers are always looking for centerpiece ideas and ways to incorporate diamond confetti into their bridal décor.  If youOWNa picture that you would be willing to share with us wherein you used diamond confetti in your wedding decorations, we would love to put it in our website.  You could inspire someone else with your ideas.  And here's an incentive-if we use your picture on our website, we will send you your choice of a $10 gift card to Subway or Starbucks! We will need you to sign a release and have you state that you own the picture so we are not violating copyright rules.

Keeping within a budget

Whether you are getting married or planning a corporate event, most likely you have been given a budget to work with.  Sometimes it seems impossible to pull off a big party on what might seem like a much smaller amount of money than we think need.  What I've learned through the years is there are some simple ways to cut costs.  One of my favorite things is to repurpose items.  For instance, would you really need to go and buy 20 new vases at $10 each,  when a quick trip to a thrift store or two might yield you vases for $1 each (there you go we just saved $180!

The holidays are here!

This is such a great time of year because of the parties, wonderful food and beautiful lights. If you want to add that impressive touch to your party, consider a combination of red and silver diamond confetti to put the sparkle on your tables!  Your guests will say "wow!" and you will once again be hostess that everyone wants to be like.  Get some today! 

Big or small centerpieces?

I recently attended a wedding reception that had different types and sizes of centerpieces on the tables.  The table my friends and I chose had a beautiful centerpiece on it but as soon as we sat down and started talking to each other we realized we couldn’t see each other’s faces during our conversations. Since there were very few guests in the reception hall at that time, I bravely “swapped” centerpieces with another table.  Hopefully no one noticed my little dirty deed.  The guests around my table were now able to have a lovely conversation and make eye contact while talking.

Diamond confetti adds bling to your fling!

If you are looking to jazz up your centerpieces, look no more.  Diamond confetti will do the trick.  It only takes a few tablespoons to add the final touch to your beautiful creation.  Order a sample today to "play" with and see what we mean.
 Check out what Debbie did with the aqua blue diamond confetti...you gotta love the napkin. Happy planning!
aqua diamond confetti table place setting

Wedding Cake decor

cake with purple diamond confettiYour wedding cake can be one of the stand outs at your reception by adding just a little diamond confetti around the table.  Your guests will "ooh and aww" when they see the extra little bling around the cake.  And don't forget, diamond confetti is beautiful around wedding centerpieces as well.

Boring or Bling?

cake with purple cdc2Wedding accessories are as varied as the bride.  From your wedding venue, to your wedding invitations, it's all about expressing yourself on the best day of your life.  If you are a bride who enjoys a little bling, why not do what Sara did and sprinkle some diamond confetti in your favorite color around your wedding cake. Boring or bling....you decide!  

Wedding flowers and diamond confetti

Wedding flowers, a wedding dress, a diamond ring and diamond confetti-what do all of these have in common?  They will all add to the beauty and elegance of your wedding décor.  Party planners everywhere know the importance of making your wedding reception beautiful because this is your one special day when it is all about you and making everything perfect. But fresh flowers, a beautiful dress and that stunning diamond ring are only half of your décor.  Keep in mind that the guests all dressed up are decorations too.

Diamond confetti adds bling again

Candles and diamond confettiI was so excited to get this beautiful picture from Debbie.  Her wedding decor was stunning before she added diamond confetti, but look how diamond confetti just adds that extra touch that made her tables look exquisite.  Here is the note Debbie include with her picture: "The pictures do not do it justice of how great an impact it made to the table decor.  The lighting bounced off the gems and made it look as if diamonds were scattered about.

You have to check out www.PenGems.com!!!

If you like Gemconfetti, you are going to LOVE www.PenGems.com!  This store is a "must see".  The beautiful pens they offer will go perfectly with your diamond confetti décor. PenGems would be the ultimate accent to your wedding reception guest book table or even as a useful and memorable wedding favor for your guests.  I ordered 6 PenGems as Mother's Day gifts (after asking for everyone's favorite colors) and all my recipients LOVED them

So many uses!

I am constantly impressed by how our customers use diamond confetti in their décor. One of our customers puts them in invitations, (the 4.5mm diamond confetti would be best for this purpose), another uses them in the bottom of wine glasses and puts a cupcake over it. Still another used blue diamond confetti in her bathroom where she filled a small clear vase and then uses the diamond confetti to hold up her brushes.  What do you use diamond confetti for?

Don't need that much diamond confetti?

and that is "by the cup". Maybe you don't need a whole $29.95 special but would still like a mix of the 3 sizes. Or you want to mix several colors. We've found a solution.  Choose "By the cup" and you can pick your color(s) and your size(s).  This option does not include the 14mm or 10 carat diamond confetti as that size just costs us more. 
Keep in mind one cup of the acrylic diamonds is probably about right for 3-4 tables. 

Josh Jank-Red Diamond Days

Joshua Jank is a 20 year old young man living with a rare liver/lung condition complicated by Sickle Cell Anemia. Although he is on hospice, his mission has been to pass out as many red diamonds (because red means love) as possible with the message that God does amazing things under heat and pressure. You can read about his journeyhere. His mission to raise money is not for his medical needs but to rescue children in Mexico-see  Foundation for His Ministry AND if that's not enough he is also raising money to help provide clean water to Africa through 

Do we carry "BIG" diamonds?

The biggest diamond confetti GemConfetti-USA carries is 14mm.  However, one of my favorite craft supply website carries the 1.5 inch size.  Save on Crafts has lots of great items to use for your wedding. You might check them out if you are looking for most anything wedding related.

How much diamond confetti do I need per table?

We are often asked how much diamond confetti one needs per table.  There are lots of answers here because there are a few variables that need to be considered.  Such as how big your tables are, how big your centerpieces are, and how much table scatter you want on your table, heavy or light?  If you want to "play" with the diamond confetti, also known as acrylic diamonds and the above mentioned table scatter, here's an idea;  order a few of our 99¢ samples in your various colors-set up your wedding centerpiece or event centerpiece on your dining room table or a table similar in size to the one your guests will be setting at.

Love is in the air!

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples.  Although snow seems to have found itself even in the deep south this year, spring will come and those wedding bells will begin to ring.  If you are planning on doing some of your own decorating for your dream wedding, you'll want to consider diamond confetti.  Diamond confetti adds that extra touch of elegance and bling and makes your centerpieces stand out.  Mirrors under your centerpieces can add to the luster and beauty of the diamond confetti and actually make your centerpieces look larger.

Acrylic Diamond Confetti is not edible!

The other day someone called our office and said they wanted to sprinkle diamond confetti on cupcakes.  Uhhh, please STOP!  Diamond confetti is not edible and should only be used for decorating purposes. There are some places out there that sell "edible" diamonds (can they really be that good??) but please make sure they don't contain acrylic!
However, our diamond confetti is perfect for scattering around centerpieces or filling vases. So when you go to buy acrylic gems online, just make sure they are designed for your use.

Don't forget the diamond confetti

Diamond confetti has become a very popular addition to centerpieces for many different kinds of events.  While of course, it can be used to add that extra touch of elegance to a wedding table or to accentuate a diamond and denim theme at your local fundraiser, it can be used for any event where you want to make your tables "pop".  If you think your centerpiece needs "something else", order a sample of diamond confetti and see what it does for your table. You won't be disappointed!

If bling is your thing

Spring is in the air and wedding planning season is in full bloom.  We've had so many people call us and order in the last few weeks, it's good to know there is lots of fun partying ahead.  If you are looking for just that perfect little touch of bling, diamond confetti is the way to go.  You don't need a lot, maybe 1/4-1/3 cup per table, but you'll be amazed at how much elegance and fun diamond confetti will add to your centerpieces.  If you're not sure, just order a sample or two and "play" with it on your dining room table.   We think you'll agree, it will add just that perfect little touch.  Happy planning!


Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! We know this is an exciting time and that you want every little detail of your special day to be just perfect.  Diamond confetti can add that touch of elegance to your tables that will impress and wow your guests.  Diamond confetti is our specialty. We are able carry a large inventory so we can offer a nice array of colors and sizes to suit any table or centerpiece at very competitive prices.  Check out our pictures for ideas and inspiration.  We ship every week-day and most Saturdays from Idaho so you should see your order within 4 days from the day you order. We're here to help you however we can during what can possibly (a hum!) be a stressful time by providing fast answers, great customer service  and a real live human to talk to.  If we can't answer when you call, we will certainly call you back within minutes or a few hours if you leave a message.  Because we can multi-task pretty well, sometimes you will receive a quicker response via email.  Now take a deep breath, make a list, take time out to relax now and then and most of all, enjoy the journey~ 

Holiday decor using diamond confetti

Order your holiday diamond confetti today and have it in time for Christmas. One great idea is to fill a vase with red or green or blue diamond confetti and insert a battery powered candle.  The ambiance will delight your guests and add that touch of elegance to your festive event.

More great ideas from our wonderful customers!

Mirror with diamond confettiblue centerpiece with clear diamond confettiVase with diamond confettiwine glasses with diamond confettiDiamond confetti usesTable scatter


sapphire blue and clear table scatter2 pink shoe centerpiece with diamond confetti1 boa centerpiece with table scatterVase filled with honey gold diamond confettidiamond confettiWe wanted to add some of the great pictures our creative customers have sent us. Thanks for so many great pictures!

New Ideas

aqua diamond confettiVase w flowers filled with diamond confettisquare mirror with diamond confettiJars filled with diamond confettiDessert table with gem confettiCake table with table scatterAqua blue table scatterAqua blue table scatterSapphire blue table scatter

It's time to start planning!

The holidays are just around the corner. Parties and gatherings are a plenty.  Add that special touch of elegance to your event by decorating with your beautful diamond confetti. Our light amber 14mm makes a lovely vase filler for a unique and autumn centerpiece.  While we carry the Christmas colors of red and green, consider how lovely silver and maroon would look together.  Or emerald and honey gold. Be creative and happy in all that you do!

Honeydew Green

Honeydew Diamond ConfettiThe honeydew green diamond confetti nicely accents Tiean's tables and brings together the natural greens found in all wedding decor.

Elegance with Fuchsia & Clear acrylic gems

Diamond ConfettiDiamond ConfettiLook how beautiful Cheryll's wedding centerpieces are. She incorporated fresh flowers and fuchsia and clear diamond confetti to give her wedding that "simply elegant" atmosphere. Check out our Summer Special where you get 12,000 gems for only $29.95!
Diamond Confetti

Ruby Red and Clear

Dana mixed ruby red and clear diamond confetti to add an elegant touch to her wedding decor.  Check out her great favor boxes!

Emerald & Sapphire diamond confetti

Over the next few weeks we will be posting pictures from our satisfied customers who have shared their ideas with us. Jennifer writes " The gems made my tables."  She used peacock feathers as her event theme and used the emerald and sapphire blue diamond confetti.  Beautiful!!
Diamond Confetti around centerpieceDiamond Confetti adds that special touch to this beautiful cake.Wedding Centerpiece with diamond confetti

Add bling to your special event

Diamond confetti is one of the newest trends in wedding decorating. These little acrylic gems add that special little bling to your wedding centerpieces, baby showers, or any elegant event you might be hosting.