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February 2016

Table Cloths

As a wedding décor planner, I used to worry about every little detail of decorating for wedding receptions. I bought several colors of quality table cloths and would try to match the bride’s colors perfectly. Then one day I realized that what I really needed were just two colors of tablecloths-white and cream. The color could be added by using an overlay or a runner. This not only cut down on the money I was spending on cloths but also on the storage space I needed. The rule that usually worked was if the bride wore a white dress we used white tablecloths and if she wore a cream colored dress, most of the time her color scheme worked best with our cream colored cloths.

You too can be a photographer

I want to let brides and event planners in on a little secret. You can take awesome pictures with a phone!  I recently bought an i-phone 6s specifically because I heard the camera was amazing.  I am finding that taking pictures with my phone turn out better than with my expensive Canon. I've never been that great at running the Canon but I believe the the picture-taking process on the i-phone has been "dumbed down" for users like me.  Check out this recent picture of sapphire blue diamond confetti and I think you will agree it's a great picture.  So dig out your phones and start shooting your friend's wedding and you might just be able frame a nice little present for the bride and groom.