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How much do I need

Don't need that much diamond confetti?

and that is "by the cup". Maybe you don't need a whole $29.95 special but would still like a mix of the 3 sizes. Or you want to mix several colors. We've found a solution.  Choose "By the cup" and you can pick your color(s) and your size(s).  This option does not include the 14mm or 10 carat diamond confetti as that size just costs us more. 
Keep in mind one cup of the acrylic diamonds is probably about right for 3-4 tables. 

How much diamond confetti do I need per table?

We are often asked how much diamond confetti one needs per table.  There are lots of answers here because there are a few variables that need to be considered.  Such as how big your tables are, how big your centerpieces are, and how much table scatter you want on your table, heavy or light?  If you want to "play" with the diamond confetti, also known as acrylic diamonds and the above mentioned table scatter, here's an idea;  order a few of our 99¢ samples in your various colors-set up your wedding centerpiece or event centerpiece on your dining room table or a table similar in size to the one your guests will be setting at.