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Stories from our Customers

Best prices in the US

I love when I get a call from an event planner who tells me our diamond confetti prices are the best in the US.  They might even be the best on the web.  We have 22 different colors of these gems that can be used as table scatter to add elegance and bling to your centerpieces.  Diamond confetti also makes for beautiful vase filler.  Here's our deal-find a better price on diamond confetti shipped within the US (shipping charges included) and we will meet or beat that price.

Purple and Gold Diamond Confetti Inspiration

Recently I received a note from one of our customers regarding how diamond confetti made a difference for her sisters' wedding.  Here is what she said:

Seeing that my sister was completely overwhelmed with the wedding planning process, I decided to take some stresses off her shoulders. I took it upon myself to make sure that the reception hall was decorated to her standards. I knew exactly what she had in mind and quickly got to work. Her vision was to use purpleand goldfor the colors, with lots of sparkle.